Accessing The Goodness Of God

Now when you order your copy of Accessing The Goodness Of God Video Coaching Program you also get PDF copies of our Book and Coaching Manual!

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This Coaching Program will show you how to get on the good path that God has prepared for you.

"Pastors James and Cathie Hightshoe have just come out with a book and coaching program called "Accessing the goodness of God". In it, they teach you all about how to access the good life God has for you!! I can tell you by first hand experience that in just one year their teaching and way of living has changed me and made me a more effective and better version of myself, and now you can have personal mentoring from them right in your own home. I highly suggest that anyone looking to go to another level pick up this book."

Rob Minard

"I cannot wait to start this book. It was the quickest purchase I ever made. This man is the reason I believe in God, the reason I was able to pray and keep believing for my cousins healing, the husband of the wife who encouraged me to still believe when I thought it was hopeless, the reason I read the WORD and believe it, the reason I was able to make it through a very trying and somewhat discouraging year and the reason I was finally able to move on from my Dad’s death. This is just a few of the reasons why I dearly love this man and his family. I believe God sent them here for quite a few people and I am so thankful I was on that list. At church Cathie would always say “slap ya neighbor” but now I occasionally have to slap myself because even after 3 years I sometimes cannot believe these words are coming out of my mouth. To say I miss them would be an understatement which is why I am so excited they have videos as well. Thank God for technology🙏"

Alison Johnson

"Always heard about “the goodness of God” but not sure what people are going on about? “God’s never been good to me!” you say? Well there may be things blocking your access! This video series goes through specific keys, all based on scripture, that if you adhere too will open up the gates of blessing that can flow freely into your life. Written by the greatest Pastor I have ever had the honor of knowing and the man who helped me recover from a life of drunken debauchery and drug addiction, I wholeheartedly recommend this series and anything else this man puts together."

Dave Pollard
DJ - Radio Dave

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